FULL ACCOUNTING SERVICES, including all necessary activities, provided by the law, as well as full taxation support. We believe that the contemporary accountant has to use all possibilities of the law in advantage to our clients.

Forecasting, Planning and Financial Analysis: Exact and accurate accounting is a solid base for our successful cooperation with our clients, but for a successful business, the received information has to be analysed and different business strategies have to be made. Thus Your accountancy will not only register the processes after they have taken place, but will make forecasts, plan and manage the quality, which is our motto and goal.

Auditing services: A consultant, acting in the sphere of auditing will be at Your service - we also offer services to clients, which are liable to compulsory audit of their Annual Financial Report.

Legal services: In our work we use the services of an experienced lawyer. He offers a wide range of legal services - from the registration of a company and consultacy to the legal protection on a variety of civil cases.

Computer and design services: From building up of computer networks and their maintenance to the development of web sites and full communication solutions.

Advertising strategies: Currently we are in the process of developing a new advertising-management department, which will not only help boost Your activities, but it will also structure Your company so that with minimum effort You will achieve maximum results.

Accounting education of Young specialists: We also welcome the idea of training young specialists in the sphere of accounting.

Insurance services: Property insurance, cargo insurance of freight and vehicle insurance

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